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I live on the North-East coast and would have a lovely view along the coast-line as far as Souter point if it were not for a big red blot of a building at the bottom of my street. There is a slight gap between the building and the trees across the road where I can glimpse my blue, sometimes muse.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

American Agent

Dimpled pumpkin
pebbled peel
Much squeezed
sweet wheel
Warm friend
with gin
Flesh blood
pith skin
Juicy Lucy
sixties cool
Seventies hot
tropical pool
Clockwork film
vibrant scene
Fizzy pop
tangerine dream
American Agents’
toxic treat
For Vietnam
how neat?

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine Vitriol based loosely on a real life event

Splinter Sister
"Your sister sent this Valentine did she?" railed Carla scrabbling through the box of birthday cards previously received, searching for a sample of precious Perdita's pen.
"Here is proof she isn't the culprit!" she screamed, sending the card skimming across the room to where her husband of four years to the day sat. The card made contact, cutting his forehead.
"Ouch!" he yelled "you've drawn blood.!"
"I'll do more than draw blood. I'll draw your bloody affair for the world to see. How could you?"
“Carla, please try and remain calm, you'll see more clearly if you do” chided Chris wiping the blood from his brow. “She's obviously involved another partner in crime in this latest wind up.”
“I really wish I could believe you, you've been so tired and preoccupied lately, you can't blame me for thinking you've been occupying someone elses bed because nothing much has happened in ours recently!”she sobbed, uncontrollably now.
He tried to comfort her as he searched for why his sister would pull such a stunt.
“Maybe she is trying to drive a wedge between us” he spoke questioningly, crossing the room and picking up the torn envelope and card responsible for their row.
“I'll take a wedge and stick it up her backside if that's her game!” Carla cried, confusingly. “She likes me, doesn't she?”
That's the trouble Chris thought, bending to pick up the torn envelope addressed to her, wondering just how he would get the splinters out.
250 words

Thursday, 24 January 2013

55 Word Fiction Challenge

55 Word Fiction
Bag bursting with brambles, they rambled along the line. Annie, traipsed behind hitting each kiss-curl pin with the steel pole; their laughter rang out with each clank. The loose metal curl twirled through the summer air as the engine driver pushed back the springy silver strand from his eyes before it hit.

55 words

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Second Flash Fiction with thanks to Sarah...

Interloping Disaster
Sarah clambered into the Church Shop window, clutching a pair of salad tongs and a plastic bag, whilst chuntering at Sue's attempt at window dressing.
“I said I'd be calling in after my leg waxing” she scolded as she stumbled across the dressing table detritus.
“Just why has she strewn the black feather boa around a flea-bitten cat-scratching pole?” Sarah had demanded Sue save it so she could try it on with the outfit she'd bought for her 'Strictly Cull the Seagulls Charity Event.' The Churchyard was growing a Guano coating thicker than the icing on a Mary Berry carrot cake.
“I'll have to sterilise it before I try it on now,” she continued scathingly, stretching across the display with the tongs.
Across the street Sue was poised ready to capture her handiwork for the Parish magazine. The flash caught Sarah unawares.
“Oops, not just leg waxing then...” Sue sniggered.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

My first Visual Dare

Here is my first foray into the flash fiction world. With generous help from a friend.

“They are due down the drive at any moment so stay hidden. The gullible guard hasn't rumbled us yet” Phil whispered through pursed lips, fearful of drawing attention.
“We have the element of surprise on our side with this disguise.” mumbled Liz through the mac.
The proud couple walked slowly toward the impatient press pack with their precious bundle.
Surreptitiously they sidled past the guard in order to gain the best view point.
The guard grinned as their camera clicked and they captured the first image of their grandchild. How he wished they would embrace modern technology and use the hospital's secret entrance.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Why the name?

Anmelia is a blend of my name Ann with that of my Mother's Amelia and it seems fitting that I have begun my blog on her birthday and on the date of my initial blending (thirty-six years later.)  My Mother never used the beautiful name but spent her days being named Elma.

Anmelia is the name invented by my Husband to describe those times when he feels I have  become my Mother, the mad Scots furniture shifter. I too, enjoy this pastime, much to his annoyance as he much prefers knowing where the coffee table is going to be as he crosses the lounge in the dark...

I googled the name Anmelia and it does exist at least two people in America are named thus, have they too combined names? Name combining to produce new names does happen. The name 'Malandra' as in 'Malandra Burrows' who was an actress in  the Emmerdale Farm fame from eons ago when Annie, Joe and Jack used to shut the kitchen door because it was 'parky in't yard.'
'Malandra' is a blend of 'Malcolm' and 'Sandra' her parents names. Personally I think it is is an odd thing to do but it can form an individual name I suppose, if the two names are compatible that is.

Here is a short poem based around my name, from a poetry excercise. Each line contains ten syllables if you pronounce 'favourite' with two syllables as in fav'rite.

One lonely syllable plain and simple
with common individuality
Well worn on Royalty, often tagged on
Begins gable-ended ends double-arched
Like two of my favourite Play-School windows